About us

logo tm  Illustration specialise in providing high quality images for planning and sales purposes that make your designs look finished and visually stunning in their surroundings. TM Illustration was formed in 1996, we have considerable experience which has enabled us to build a solid client base, mostly through recommendation.

Whilst we do utilise CGI methods (3D modelling and rendering software) to generate an image with accurate proportions, perspective and light and shade, we also put a lot of effort into manually enhancing the rendered image using photo editing techniques. This ensures that the finished artwork looks more natural and visually appealing, with a personality and style that cant be achieved by using automated rendering alone.

TM Illustration is a small, efficient company that works with its clients on a personal level. We know that it requires a lot of effort and attention to detail to produce images that are truly fit for purpose. We are able to offer competitive and flexible pricing to help you to stay within budget. We understand that your projects can be extremely complex, and are familiar with working on projects involving on-going design changes and tight deadlines. Whatever the circumstances, we will always aim to exceed your expectations.

Types of artworkHigh Quality Perspectives – Images that show your design in its finished state, before a brick has been laid. We can concentrate on your particular design and the immediate landscaping and surroundings, or produce a photo-montage that shows your design fitted seamlessly into a photo of the surrounding area.  Aerial Views and Plan ViewsFor larger developments it is often beneficial to have an aerial or birds eye view or a plan view or map to give an overview of the whole development.  Sketches - Sometimes you need a simpler image, either due to budget and time constraints, or to convey a simple impression, this can be particularly useful for planning purposes where too much detail can be detrimental.  Photo RetouchingTaking an existing image and superimposing modifications, or enhancing the image in many other ways, as required.  Illustrations and DiagramsAlthough we specialise in Architectural images we can also produce Illustrations or Technical Diagrams for other disciplines such as Engineering and Marine industries.

RequirementsThe main requirement needed to produce a 3D model for an Architectural Illustration is site plan and elevation drawings in JPEG, PDF or DWG format (or prints). We will discuss the type of images you require to enable us to give you an accurate quotation. Photographs are important if photo-montage artwork is required. Based in the South of England, we like to visit locally based clients on site to photograph the desired views and gain a better feel for the proposed development. If this is not possible, the client can always provide us with site photographs.

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